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10 Reasons Why Choose Sita.

  • 1. A Family Jeweller You Can Trust. A three generation family jewelry business over 65 years of jewelry experience.
  • 2. Sita Design Your Dreams. All our commissioned pieces are unique, made exactly to your needs and wants.
  • 3. We Use ‘CAD’ Computer Aided Design Technology. Clients can visualise their dream before any physical fabrication has taken place.
  • 4. We Incorporate A Prototype Creation Procedure For You. Able to touch & feel a prototype, reassures our client of their designs final outcome.
  • 5. We Make Perfect Jewelry for You. From CAD to prototype to final outcome. We do not compromise in what we create.
  • 6. Traditional Handmade Craftsmanship. Our goldsmiths are renowned for their skills and workmanship in fine jewelry.
  • 7. Competitive Pricing. Buying direct from Sita means buying from source, without any middleman!
  • 8. Our Location – We Are In The Center Of The Jewelry & Diamond District. We are located in the gemstone capital of the World. We select the best for you.
  • 9. We Offer The Best In Gemstone Quality – Through Choice. Abundant supply is at our fingertips. Quality & preferred prices we pass on to you.
  • 10. Sita After Care Service. We promise to care and service you for the lifetime of all our fine jewelry.

We Are Members Of:

Thai Gems and Jewelry Association

Thai Gems & Jewelry Traders Association.

Department of Export Promotion of Thailand

The Department Of Export Promotion.

Our Rewards.

Please click on the photo to enlarge.

Quality Emblem.

Quality Emblem Reward

Thailands Brand Reward

Thailand’s Brand Reward

Diacover why so many people choose Sita Jewelry

Dream Creators In Fine Jewelry


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