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Q1 What are the warranties on Sita Jewelry?

Sita’s Answer:
Sita Jewelry aims to be the number choice for custom jewelry designs and fine jewelry manufacturing. All Sita Jewelry items are guaranteed against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

This warrantee does not however apply to items that have been subjected to the following;

1. Excessive wear and tear
2. Abuse
3. Physical damage whether accidental or otherwise.

All the above is subject to ‘Normal Wear’ conditions.

The following DOES NOT constitute ‘Normal Wear’:
The wearing of jewelry whilst ‘swimming’, bathing, undertaking of housework, the wearing of jewelry whilst partaking in sports activities or other strenuous activity, being chewed on or other accidental damage, coming into contact with chemicals and/or abrasives, and generally all other such things that are unsuitable for fine jewelry.

Upon acceptance of delivery, insurance and protection of merchandise becomes the sole responsibility of the customer. Sita Jewelry shall not be held responsible for any loss, theft, or resulting damages that may subsequently occur.


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