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Q4 Are there any other limitations with your guarantee and warranty?

Sita’s Answer:
In very rare cases, some individuals have an ‘Allergic‘ or ‘Chemical Reaction‘ to certain metals. This is totally out of our control and if the does occur, we are very sorry but will not be able to grant a return of your order.

Please bear in mind also that ‘Discoloration‘ of jewelry can be caused by many elements. The most well known cause of ‘discoloration’ is via the use of certain perfumes, colognes, lotions, make up, hair sprays and some household cleaning supplies. This is due to a reaction of the chemicals with the alloys in the gold.

Please Remember:
All orders placed with Sita Jewelry are custom made to your exact requirements. Only defects or faulty goods can be returned.

That said; if in the very unlikely event that this does happen to you, please contact us immediately. We at Sita will try and do all that we can to help in this unforeseen situation.


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