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This is quite a difficult question to answer as all our creations are tailor made and designed exactly to our clients’ wishes. Generally speaking, the better in terms of clarity and color of the diamonds used, and the larger in size, the higher the end cost will be. As a general rule of thumb, for commercial orders and retail creations, where the client is seeking fine quality in a cost effective manner, all diamonds will be a minimum of Color “J” and a Clarity starting no lower than “SI1”.

Generally we do not recommend diamonds with clarity higher than “VS1”, unless, after careful consultation, we ascertain that it is our clients wish to aspire and incorporate these higher quality grades.
From the technical perspective, we generally do not recommend diamonds with clarity above “VS1” for the following reason. It is not humanly possible for the naked eye to distinguish differences in terms of clarity between “VS1” and higher clarity grades. Only with the use of a 10x Loupe can these kind of differences be determined.

To Sum Up:

1. All Sita Jewelry has minimum standards regarding the quality of diamonds used for all its creations.
Diamonds above “VS1″ in Clarity are recommended in the following situations;
2. The client clearly knows what he or she wants and stipulates the exact specifications of the diamonds to be used.
3. The client has already in their possession the diamonds and requires Sita to design and create around these.
4. The client is seeking to not only own a beautiful Sita creation, but wishes it to be an appreciating asset. If we ascertain that this is our clients” predominant factor during our consultations, Sita will recommend purchasing the best in quality to which the client can comfortably afford. We prudently recommend as such, for many of our clients buy purely for investment purposes, purchasing Sita high end fine jewelry, incorporating some of the finest gemstones available which will appreciate in value over time.

For orders where our client has requested a diamond certificate, this will indicate the exact specifications of the particular diamond in question, quite often being a higher grade than our minimum.

For more information on Diamonds, please see our ‘About Diamonds’ under our ‘Education’ section.

For more information on diamond certification and certificates issued, please view ‘Diamond Certification’ category under our ‘Services’ section.


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