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Your Sita created custom jewelry is guaranteed to be of the highest purity. Each creation will be stamped with its precise metal content. The USA, some countries in the EU and the United Arab Emirates have set measures on the import of fine jewelry, stating that the jewelry must be labeled to guarantee the product quality or to have a label verifying the metal purity ‘A Hallmark’. This is mainly to provide information to consumers before making a buying decision, coming under the consumer protection laws in both the USA and EU.

As An Example:
An 18-karat gold ring is 18/24 or 75% pure gold, and jewelry of this fineness must be marked “18k”, “18ct” or “750”.
Generally speaking for gold we use either 14-karat gold (Mainly for our wholesale US clients) or 18 karat gold, recommended for fine jewelry. On occasion we also use 22-karat gold.
Regarding silver content, generally we use 925 Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver content).
The metal content is referred to as it”s ‘Hallmark’.


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