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Sita Jewelry is capable of manufacturing rings to the exact size needed for our client’s, whatever that size maybe. That said, most of our creations fall within certain sizes be it a ladies ring or gentleman’s.

Typically, orders generally fall within these sizes;
For Ladies: 5 ¼ – 7 ¾ (USA) – approx 50-56 (French).
For Gentlemen: 8-10 (USA) – approx 57-62 (French).

The American system is Sita’s preferred method for measuring ring sizes, though we are able to convert and understand perfectly all other known systems used worldwide.

Traditionally ladies rings are created with a slightly narrower band. Also note that we take into account and advise from an aesthetics point of view, especially when abnormally large sizes are required. As an example, envision a gentleman”s yellow gold ring, being channel set with five diamonds. This design would be very pleasing to the eye if the client’s finger was of an ‘Average’ size. But if the gentleman was an extremely large person in physique, with large hands and wide fingers, it might be advisable from an aesthetics point of view for the commission to incorporate possibly seven diamonds rather than five. This would stay in keeping with a more pleasing look for the eye, having diamonds cover the face of the ring in proportion with the geometrics of the original concept. Also note this would consume a larger amount of the material “yellow gold” and of course two extra channel set diamonds. These factors would contribute to the final cost being commensurate with the extra required materials.

Regarding measuring your own ring size, please view our category ‘Ring Sizing Guide’ within our ‘Education & Guidance’ section. Here we explain this process in detail. We cover everything you need to know regarding measuring your own ring size, with helpful tips, advice and downloadable measuring charts and guides.


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