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This is where our expertise and knowledge in design and manufacturing fine bespoke jewelry becomes apparent and is the very core foundation from which our company’s success has been built upon. Due to our many years working solely within this field, we have developed a special caliber; an ability to produce fine jewelry ‘With’ our clients, to their exact specifications. Along the production timeline, we keep in close contact with our clients, corresponding with them several times during this ‘Materialization’ process.

Below we list a few bullet points revealing some of the procedures and interactions that are integral parts of this process. These; combined together ensure a perfect outcome, a creation that is to our clients exact specification and expectation.

1. Initially, we first establish are clients ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’. We do this by always starting with ‘Hand Sketched’ drawings based on our discussions and interactions with our clients. Upon their completion, we then present these to our clients, making sure that we have understood all their needs and requirements thoroughly and if any points need addressing or ideas in their designs need altering, we amend the sketches accordingly until we are ‘Both’ in complete agreement with their commission’s first sketched look.

2. Another process we at Sita incorporate and embrace for the production of our client’s commission is via the use ‘CAD’, the latest in computer aided design technology. Our initial ‘Free Hand Art’ drawings that met with our client’s approval are passed on to our CAD department. Here, our designers ‘Conceive’ these precision CAD renderings, which will again provide our customers with a greater understanding of their chosen preference, allowing them to gain a deeper realization as to their commission’s final outcome. Now our clients can see a ‘Virtual’ depiction of their commission with mass and volume, surface texture and color. ‘Life Like’ and 3-dimentional in shape, this further goes to help our clients in the ‘Visualization’ process, bringing to light the most subtle of detail.

Any alterations can be easily met in this ‘Virtual’ form, helping to avoid and eradicate any misunderstandings in design ‘Before’ actual physical fabrication takes place. This procedure is very important. Not only is it an integral part of our design process but ensures our commitment to provide and produce their design perfectly and exactly to their initial requirement.

3. Upon approval of the above processes, we can now initiate production of the ‘Prototype(s)’. We forward via email photographs from many angles of the said prototype(s), so that our clients can now see visually as close to ‘True Life’, a depiction of their chosen creation. This again insures that our clients receive the exact desired outcome of their chosen design. It is even possible for us to actually send this ‘Prototype’ via mail if requested to our clients. This ensures that any concerns they may have will be fully met; also offering them full involvement in which they can physically handle this model. ‘A Real Life Test.’

At Sita Jewelry, we understand fully that each jewelry piece needs to be felt, touched and worn in order to be fully involved. Our clients definitely have a chance to see their piece created, before it is physically created. Any ‘Alterations’ needed or questions that are asked during this whole process will be fully addressed. We guarantee your chosen designs final outcome will be to your satisfaction in quality of design and workmanship.

“We do not compromise.”


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