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Sita Jewelry never uses lab created ‘precious’ gemstones and will always use 100% ‘Nature’ precious gemstones, UNLESS requested by our Clients.

The ‘Key Word’ in this question though is the word ‘Precious’, which we will explain.

Firstly though, here is a brief synopsis on what we mean by ‘Lab Created Gemstones’ and what we mean by ‘Nature Gemstones’.

Laboratory created gemstones are scientifically equivalent to that of ‘Natural’ stones found in mines and various geological locations throughout the world. Generally the lab created gemstones are grown under conditions of heat, time, temperature and possibly other chemical and environmental factors in laboratory conditions, trying to mirror and duplicate as best as possible the natural conditions of ‘Natural’ stones found in mother earth.

In certain cases, Sita Jewelry does use; if requested, ‘Lab Created Gemstones’. For example, several of our wholesale clients request jewelry to be made incorporating ‘Synthetic Cubic Zirconia’, a diamond simulant created in an ‘Unnatural’ ‘Man Made’ environment. This is purely done for reasons of cost, as synthetic cubic zirconia has a very close visual likeness to diamond and is widely used in the wholesale jewelry arena predominantly for cost conscious fashion jewelry.

As mentioned earlier, the keyword to be focused on in the question asked was the word ‘Precious’. In the jewelry industry, there are only three ‘colored’ gemstones considered precious. These are ‘Emerald’, ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Ruby’. Also considered precious are ‘Diamond’ and ‘Pearl’ (of which Pearl strictly speaking is not a gemstone).

Sita Jewelry has never used lab created ‘Colored Gemstones Imitating Emeralds, Sapphires or Ruby’, in the hope of passing these on as ‘Natural’ gemstones.

As stated above, ONLY if our client’s specifically requests such ‘Lab Grown’ stones, do we consider and honor their request.


Please note:
Sita Jewelry is located in the heart of the jewelry business district of Bangkok Thailand. This is the colored gemstone capital of the world. From a price perspective, because of our strategic location, Sita Jewelry have the advantage of being able to purchase natural gemstones at the same cost, and in some cases cheaper than lab created gemstones. This is a huge advantage, which often results in substantial savings for our clientele on their commissions.


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