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To clarify this question, a frequent mistake is to confuse the term ‘Trademark’ with the term ‘Hallmark’.

A manufacturer’s trademark can appear as a symbol, a number or even a name. As an example, the Italians use a combination of number and letter code to indicate the company”s identification and city in which the piece was made.

A hallmark is nothing more than an indication of metal content indicating its fineness or karat, sometimes also referred as a quality or purity mark.
Every country has its own system of hallmarking, ranging from simple to complex.

Regarding Hallmark:
Sita Jewelry always hallmark”s its fine jewelry creations.

Regarding Trademark:
Each manufactured item is also marked with our own ‘Sita Jewelry’ trademark, unless at the request of our client (mainly wholesale suppliers) that our manufacturers trademark be omitted. It is not a requirement by law for us to include this mark, but especially for our individual retail clients, it serves to instill additional significance for appraisals or insurance purposes and value of worth for their unique chosen creation.


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