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This service is optional on all Sita Jewelry. For all our retail clientele, we always establish their exact needs and requirements regarding gemstone quality for each new design. If the diamonds or Gemstones requested are of a high quality and warrant this service, then we do advise that their jewelry be accompanied by such certificates. Listed below are several points as to why Sita Jewelry might advise, or a client might request such a certificate, and some general information regarding this area.

Diamond Certificates:

1. A diamond certificate is a document issued by an accredited independent Gemological Laboratory, detailing the’Grade’ which indicates the physical properties of the diamond.
2. Also known as a diamond grading report, this certificate verifies that a diamond is genuine and evaluates the quality and size of the stone in question.
3. A diamond grading report documents the physical properties of the diamond which include its cut, color, clarity and carat.
4. A diamond certificate gives you tangible and material proof regarding your chosen stone”s identity and quality.

‘Certification Gives You Extra Confidence And Peace Of Mind With Your Purchase Decision.’

1. Sita Jewelry customers can always be confident that the diamond being purchased matches what is described in the corresponding accredited certification and grading documents.

Colored Stones:

1. For colored stones, the identification report determines the gemstones specific variety, shape, cut, carat weight and measurements; color quality, transparency factors, and other major optical characteristics.
2. Also for colored stones, disclosure of any treatments used on the gemstones is noted.
3. Country of origin may be determined.
4. The certificate clearly states if the stone is natural or synthetic.
5. A colored stone report clearly gives you tangible and material proof regarding your chosen stones’ identity and quality.

We use three different independent accredited Gemological Laboratories for our diamond reports.

1. GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, which is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in Gemology.
2. IGI, International Gemological Institute, highly respected, with offices worldwide.
3. GIT, which is the Gem & Jewelry Institute of Thailand.

All three of these accredited Gemological Laboratories use the most technologically advanced instruments for identification and authentication.
For more information on any of these Laboratories, please view our ‘Diamond Certification’ category within our ‘Services’ section.


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