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Q1 What is the quality of Sita Jewelry?

Q2 What quality of diamonds do you use?

Q3 What is the standard clarity and color of your diamonds?

Q4 Can you confirm that you diamonds are not sourced from zones of conflict?

Q5 Can I select the exact specification of my diamonds or gemstones?

Q6 I’ve already bought my Gemstones. Can  you designs and manufacture around these?

Q7 Do you use lab created precious stones?

Q8 Will my Sita Jewelry come with any documentation?

Q9 Will my Sita jewelry come with a diamond or Gemstone certificate?

Q10 What metal purity do you use?

Q11 Will my Jewelry created by Sita include a manufacturers “Treadmark”?

Q12 Can you engrave my Sita product?

Q13 What sizing terms do you use to measure?

Q14 What sizes are avaliable and how can I measure my own ring size?

Q15 When we commission Sita Jewelry to create jewelry piece(s), according to our own design(s), how do we know that the outcome(s) will be to our expectation?


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