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Yes. Orders can be cancelled before dispatch. If due to unforeseen circumstances this is the case, please inform us the moment that this becomes apparent. We will then cease production (at whatever stage of manufacturing that maybe) with immediate effect. As laid out in our client’s purchasing agreement form, which all of our clients sign prior to any fabrication; a 50% Non-refundable deposit is required to start the creation process. All our orders are custom made, tailored and manufactured to the exact wishes and specifications of our clients. Because of this, we cannot return deposit amounts once any physical manufacturing processes have been initiated. Any other monies over and above the 50% Non Refundable Deposit amount held by us, will be returned in full, being paid via our merchants ‘Swift’ facility directly into your chosen bank account.

We at Sita Jewelry are always sympathetic when these situations arise. No client orders a beautiful bespoke jewelry item, with a predetermined view to cancelling their commission before delivery. We understand that there can be many unforeseen reasons as to why a client might have to inform us of this unfortunate happening. We always endeavor to give our clients complete customer satisfaction.

We will try our utmost to resolve this unfortunate occurrence, and bring about an acceptable outcome tailored specifically to each case as and when it arises promptly, in our accustomed professional manner.


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