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Certainly. There are two ways you can track your order placed with Sita Jewelry. Firstly, it is possible to track your order, even during the manufacturing process via our online website. We give every client that has placed an order with Sita Jewelry a user name and login password which allows them to enter our ‘Client Lounge‘ area. This section of our website is accessible 24 hours a day, but only to customers who have an order placed with us.

The ‘Client Lounge’ is administered in a completely secure online environment. All details regarding your order are held in your own ‘Personal Folder‘. From your delivery details you provided us with during the order process; to the initial sketch design drawings; even photos depicting your designs journey through the many stages of manufacturing. All your custom design details will be stored here, conveniently in one place, in your own private ‘Sita Creation Folder’. The ‘Client Lounge’ has been a huge success and very well received since its launch.

Upon completion of you custom design, we immediately notify our clients that their order is ready for shipping. We email clients exactly as to what day their order left our workshops via courier, also giving them an approximate date regarding its delivery. Once shipping has commenced; all your shipment details will be placed within your personal ‘Sita Creation Folder‘, residing in the ‘Client Lounge’ area.

The second way to track your order is by using the couriers’ tracking service once shipment has been initiated. This can be done via entering the Official FedEx (or other defined courier) online website. All Sita courier parcels for ‘International Shipment‘ have an internet tracking number, which allows you to track your parcel in transit via the internet.


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