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Being a Thailand based company there is currently no official sales tax upon purchase. There is a VAT tax at a rate of 7% on all sales but this is NOT applicable on export orders outside of the Kingdom. The final quotation price agreed in contractual form between both parties; Sita Jewelry L.P. and Client is the price you pay with no hidden sales tax charges.

Once the client’s bespoke commission has been paid in full it is immediately shipped to the agreed address given to us by our client. A possible addition in cost to the buyer is via any import duty or customs clearance fee in your native country (although in most countries the duty is zero).

Additional Savings:
If you are a U.S. resident please keep this in mind; as we are manufacturers in Bangkok Thailand we have NO sales tax on the exported jewelry. If you do incur any duties, these would still equate to less than your State’s sales tax; effectively still resulting in an overall saving in cost.

Please note:
Sita Jewelry is located in the heart of the jewelry business district of Bangkok Thailand. This is the colored gemstone capital of the world. From a price perspective, because of our strategic location, Sita Jewelry have the advantage of being able to purchase natural gemstones at the same cost, and in some cases cheaper than lab created gemstones. This is a huge advantage, which often results in substantial savings for our clientele on their commissions.


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