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Q3 Does Sita offer a jewelry repair survice?

Sita’s Answer:
Yes, all ‘Sita Jewelry Creations‘ we take care of on a ‘Life Time‘ basis. From time to time we also may ask customers to bring our jewelry back to us for checking and re-securing of stones.
All repair work will be administered ‘In House‘ by our highly trained goldsmiths within our ‘Service & Repairs‘ department.

If in the unfortunate event a ‘Sita Creation’ is in need of repair, we will gladly administer your needs and expedite your repair promptly. Because we are the ‘Creators’ of your fine jewelry items, we at Sita keep detailed records of all our manufactured commissions. This aids us in certain repair situations as we know exactly what; (If Any) treatments and techniques that were incorporated within its fabrication process.

‘We at Sita Jewelry L.P. Guarantee All Our Repair Workmanship on ‘Original Sita Jewelry Creations’ for the lifetime of your jewelry, subject to ‘Normal Wear’ conditions.’
Please view our Disclaimer footnote regarding our definitions of ‘Normal Wear’.

Accidental Repair:
If your repair is due to accidental damage, we at Sita will advise accordingly once we have given your creation a full and thorough examination. Upon our conclusions; we will forward you a detailed report, stating what type of work needs to be instigated for repair, together with a full costing analysis.

We are always sympathetic when it comes to hearing that 1 of our creations is in need of our help to bring it back to it’s former splendor. We will do all that we can to resolve this unfortunate occurrence as quickly as possible.

Workmanship And Material Defects:
We at Sita guarantee all our creations free of any defects in materials or workmanship. We have in place strict procedures and a comprehensive Q.C.(Quality Control) inspection program. We inspect all our creations throughout every stage of it’s manufacturing journey.
We are so confident that our jewelry will be free from any manufacturing and material defects that we pledge the following;

‘All Sita Jewelry Is Guaranteed Free Of Manufacturing And Material Defects for Its Entire Life.’ Any fault found needing repair due to workmanship and material defect will be repaired ‘Free Of Charge‘ throughout its entire life.

(Excluding Shipping and Insurance Costs).

Non Sita Created Jewelry:
We also offer repair services for ‘Non-Sita Jewelry’ creations.

Regarding jewelry not created by us requesting repair work. We advise customers to firstly contact the original makers of their jewelry for repair if possible. We recommend this for several reasons, the predominant reason being that as we never created the item in question, we cannot be 100% sure of the procedures and if any treatments had been used in its creation. This type of information may be crucial in certain repair situations.

‘We Always Advocate The Above’.

If our client still would like us to proceed with its repair, we will be happy to proceed subject to the following;

1. Every ‘NON-Sita Jewelry’ repair must be inspected and assessed to ascertain if Sita Jewelry L.P. will accept it into our workshops for repair.
2. We uphold the right to refuse any ‘NON-Sita Jewelry’ creation for repair.
3. Please note also that all work carried out by our goldsmiths within our ‘Service And Repair’ department will be administered to the highest of standards. That said, Sita Jewelry L.P. cannot be held responsible or liable for any repair services on ‘NON-Sita Jewelry‘ created items that do not/ or cannot be repaired to the complete satisfaction of the client.
4. All ‘NON-Sita Jewelry’ items brought to us for repair are repaired with the client’s full acknowledgement and acceptance of the above.

Please Also Note:
Regarding the above points. We at Sita Jewelry only accept ‘NON-Sita Jewelry’ items for repair after we have given the item in question a thorough examination and assessment. We only take on ‘NON-Sita Jewelry’ items for repair if we are satisfied and comfortable that we can carry out our clients wishes fully. After a full assessment we will be able to offer a full written estimation as to the total cost to administer the repair(s). That said; accidents can happen. For example; if we were to work on an item that had previous treatments to its gemstones that we were not made aware of, this could be a cause for concern. This could culminate in a situation that could make the repair difficult or, on very rare occasions, even disastrous.

Accidents can happen, but; ‘THIS IS VERY VERY RARE’.

Virtually all customers that bring ‘NON-Sita Jewelry’ items to us for repair receive their items repaired to their exact wishes and expectations. All repairs are administered ‘In House’ within our dedicated ‘Services And Repairs’ department. All completed repair work of Non-Sita Jewelry returned to our clients will be guaranteed for the term of 1 year from the day of leaving our workshops.


Our Jewelry Repair Services Include:

Jewelry Mounting and Remounting.
Stone Replacement.
Stone Setting:
– Including Stone Tightening, Pave Set, Bezel Set,
Channel Set, Bead Set and Bright Cutting.
Chain Soldering.
All Prong Work
:- Including Replacing Prongs and Retipping.
Ring Soldering.

Shank Work:-    Including Soldering, Mounting Assembly and Installing, Ring Sizing.
All Refinishing Work.

Fabrication:-      Including Bail Repair, Gold Link Rebuilding, Gold link Addition/Removal,                         Seat and Channel Sets.

Bracelet Repair.
Pearl Repair
:-     Including Drilling of Pearls and Glue Pearl, Knotted Restringing
and Restring Without Knots.

All Repolishing Work.
Earring Repair
:-  Including Screw-Back and Post Conversion, Soldering Post, Lever-Back                         Drop Conversion and Converting Bracelet Links to Earring Conversion.

Clasp Repair
:-    Including Spring Rings, Lobster Claw, Fish Hook, Box Clasp & Barrel Clasp.
Casting Services.
Wax Carving.
Other Related Services.

‘Normal Wear’ Disclaimer:
‘Normal Wear’ does not include or constitute the following;

The wearing of jewelry whilst swimming, bathing, undertaking of housework, the partaking of sports activities or other strenuous activity, being chewed on or other accidental damage, coming into contact with chemicals and/or abrasives, and generally all other such things that are unsuitable for fine jewelry.

Repair and alteration commissions are a substantial part of our business. We will always do our utmost to bring about your repair to you exact requirements, making your jewelry look and feel the exact way you requested upon application.

We work with jewelry every day.

‘Repairing And Altering Jewelry Is A Skill And Second Nature To Us’

For good tips and advice on maintainance and the good care of your jewelry, please see our ‘Jewelry Care’ section found under out ‘Education & Guidance’ section.

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