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Q5 Help! I’ve broken my ring! What do I do?

Sita’s Answer:
This is a most unfortunate occurrence, but please don’t worry. If we have created it once, then if needs be; we can remake it again.

Every creation we produce is a totally unique commission and therefore any repairs to jewelry created by us have to be assessed first on an individual basis. This is to ascertain the amount of damage and types of procedures and workmanship that will be needed to bring the jewelry back to its former state of adornment and beauty.

It is really impossible to give a client an exact cost as to repair until we are ‘physically able to hold’ the item(s) in question ourselves.

Within our ‘Service & Repairs’ department, our expert goldsmiths are dedicated to the servicing and repair of fine jewelry. Upon their in depth analysis, they will be able to quickly find solutions and prepare a full written report, enabling our customer services department to pass on a full and exact quotation stating the exact fabrication needed, and any gemstones that might need replacing (If any) to bring your damaged / broken jewelry back to its original state of allurement.

We try to repair all items promptly, with an aim of returning your jewelry via post (or collection from with our Bangkok Showroom) within 14 days upon receipt of your item(s) for repair.

If this does unfortunately happen to you and your ‘Sita Creation’ is in need of repair work and attention, kindly visit our ‘Service & Repairs’ category found within our ‘Our Services’ section.
Here you will find a returns form in which you can detail and describe your jewelry’s condition. This will give us valuable details and information to aid us in our reply to you. We respond to all service and repair enquiries within 48 hours from your submission.

1. WE CARE for each and everyone of our jewelry creations.
2. WE SHARE YOUR PAIN when unfortunate damage occurs.
3. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. So please, don’t worry.

As we stated from the beginning;

‘If we created it once, we can remake it again.’


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