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Q4 Help! My ring has arrived and it’s too small. What do I do?

Sita’s Answer:
This is a very unfortunate situation that we at Sita try to avoid at all costs. Only on the rarest of occasions will this situation actually arise, thanks impart to the many options and procedures we have in place regarding the sizing of our jewelry.

Firstly, if this situation does happen to you, please; Don’t Panic!

What To Do:

1. The ring may be sent back to us to be altered to your new size.
2. The ring could be resized by a local goldsmith to you, as all our ring shanks are made of solid gold.

If you do need to send back your ring for resizing to Sita Jewelry L.P; kindly repackage your ring in all its original packaging and in its ‘Unworn’ pristine condition. After careful examination of your ring by us, we shall resize you ring to your new requirements.
If you are an ‘overseas client’, sending back your ring by mail to Sita Jewelry will mean that it will be subject to Thailand Import duty and VAT.

Alternatively, you could take your Sita Creation into a reputable goldsmith local to where you reside for its alteration, as the shank will be made of solid gold. This is actually a very standard procedure for a professionally trained goldsmith, who should be well versed and capable to resize the ring.
Please Note:
‘Invisible Setting’ Rings cannot be resized.

Helpful Tips And Advice.

Within our ‘Education & Guidance’ section we have a have a category dedicated to information on ‘Ring Sizing’ with helpful tips and advice. There are several downloadable documents to aid you in finding your correct ring and finger size including;

1. A Ring Size Conversion Chart.
2. A ‘Finding Your Ring Size’ PDF

This gives precise instructions on how to measure your ring finger and how to measure a ring.

If you are still unsure about your finger size, you can also order our FREE ‘Sita Jewelry Ring Sizer’, found on our ‘Ring Size Guide’ web page. It should arrive at your address within 3-5 business days.


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