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Q2 Does Sita offer an alteration service?

Sita’s Answer:
Yes. Sita Jewelry has a department dedicated to service and repair, re-sizing and ‘Alterations‘ for all its jewelry. We also offer repair services and alterations for jewelry not created ‘in house’ by us.(Subject to our discretion).

Regarding Alterations:
We first communicate with our clients, making sure we completely understand their needs and wants. From these consultations we are in a position to ascertain the task’s complexity and any advantages or drawbacks with our client’s requirements. We are now able to make appropriate suggestions in relation to these discussions. We can now carry this communication 1 stage step further, by incorporating ‘CAD’ (Computer Aided Design)’ so that our clients can actually ‘see’ the outcome of their needs and wants without any real physical alterations taking place by our master craftsmen.

After CAD files have been produced and presented to our clients we are then in a position to compile a detailed estimation so that our clients can recognize and understand the concurring cost.

Upon acceptance of the estimation, the alterations can be undertaken by us.

So In Summary Form:

1. Evaluation of clients needs through dialog
2. Suggestions and pitfulls made aware to our clients.
3. CAD Renderings presented to enhance visualization.
(To aid in the understanding of its final outcome.)
4. Detailed summary / breakdown of cost per client’s requirements.
5. Acceptance of estimation / deposit received.
6. Alterations can be undertaken.

Alteration Work:
We will take care of all the existing mountings and precious/semi precious gemstones. Our specially trained and knowledgeable staff within our services department, masterly carries out this work with the utmost care and attention. All alterations involve several kinds of manual processes by our expert goldsmiths. These hand procedures including old and modern skills from; ‘laser soldering’, different ‘welding’ techniques, to ‘heat treatments’ are special surface polishing.

Please Note:
All alterations undertaken by Sita Jewelry L.P. are done so with the full consent and understanding from our clients. Any accidental damage to parts of the mountings or precious stones due to the nature of the work involved is acknowledged by our clients before any alteration work commences. Sita Jewelry L.P. therefore cannot be legally liable or held responsible for any claims of damages made to this effect.

With all the above said; we at Sita Jewelry have been commissioned to alter and repair a vast amount of items over our long and distinguished history. 99.9% of all alterations requested by our clients have been carried out perfectly to the delight and exact requirements of our clients. We guarantee that Sita Jewelry L.P will always carry out your alteration requests to the highest of standards and workmanship by our ‘in house’ highly trained craftsmen.
For all Alteration Enquiries please view our ‘Alterations and Repairs’ category found within our ‘Services’ section’


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