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Sita Jewelry offer various shipping options for your convenience. Our preferred couriers of choice are as follows;

Our standard method of shipping is via ‘FedEx‘. This method will deliver your jewelry worldwide taking approximately 4-5days to reach any worldwide destination. For orders placed that exceed $50,000 (USD) we use the services of ‘MalcaAmit‘, a well established courier service, which specializes in high value Jewelry transportation globally. If speed of delivery is your main criteria within the scope of our shipping methods, the fastest courier service we offer is the ‘MalcaAmit Express‘ service. This will deliver your jewelry items 1 day sooner than our std delivery service (As mentioned earlier via FedEx), with a slightly higher cost due to this increase in speed of delivery. Within the above listing of courier companies and their available services, we aim to offer value and full flexibility to our clients, dealing only with well established companies within the courier services industry. We are committed to providing the best possible solutions for your shipping needs. If you have a preferred courier of choice not listed from the above, we will more than happy to work with you and try to ship with your requested preferred courier.

Regarding Shipping Costs:

“The Price You Pay Is ‘Exactly’ The Same Price We Pay.” We at Sita ‘Do Not‘ make money on the shipping or insurance of any jewelry items to our clients. As always, we at Sita Jewelry our committed to complete customer satisfaction, and we always endeavor to find the perfect shipping solution for your exact requirements. file:///D:/Mydoc_backup/My%20Pictures/John/sitawebsite/FAQ/


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