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Presently Sita Jewelry does not offer drop shipping. We have been monitoring the popularity and acceptance of this program since its early inception on the net. With this facility now becoming much more generally accepted and prevalent we are currently looking into the possibility of incorporating this facility as an added service for our wholesale clients.

Here Is A Brief Synopsis As To Drop Shipping:

Drop shipping is a product delivery method in which the seller (Sita wholesale client/retailer) accepts payment for an order, but the customer receives the product(s) directly from the manufacturer (Sita Jewelry L.P.). In this drop shipping arrangement, the Sita wholesale client/retailer acts as a middleman between the manufacturer (Sita Jewelry L.P.) and the customer. Your profit in the transaction is the difference between our wholesale price to you and retail price of the item/items sold. Our company name will not appear on the invoice we send to your customer.

Benefits To Our Wholesale Clients Would Include:

1. No Inventory.
2. No Warehousing.
3. No Shipping Concerns (Packaged and shipped with your company details only).
4. Competitive Price Structure.

There are many reasons now to implement drop shipping within our wholesale services offered. This is something Sita Jewelry L.P. is looking into very thoroughly and we will update our website and email existing wholesale clients of any future changes regarding the implementation of this exciting program.


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