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Yes, certainly. If you require your custom order by a specific date, i.e. for a birthday surprise, anniversary or gift, we will do our utmost to make sure this is delivered within the date you specify. However, in order for us to achieve this, we suggest ordering with a time window for arrival of at least 6 weeks. Usually, we can manufacture orders within a 14 day period, also requiring an additional 5 days allowance for delivery; giving a combined total of 19 days. That said; the manufacturing time is largely dependent on the complexity of the commission in question and its chosen materials for construct.

Our advice is to allow/order as soon as possible leaving the longest time for delivery so as to virtually ensure your chosen bespoke commission will reach you by your chosen delivery date. We will always advise and give you an approximate schedule regarding manufacturing and delivery during our initial consultations.

We at Sita Jewelry will do all that we can in order to help make your gifts arrive and be presented on time for these special moments; “Helping You Capture Permanent And Eternal Memories Of These Most Precious Of Occasions.”


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